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Adopt a Dog

All listed, adoptable dogs are happy, healthy and ready to be taken into a great home.

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Adoption Process

Submit adoption application

Let us know what dog you’re interested in and a few things about yourself. Find the application here, or on the profile of the dog you’re interested in (below).

Meet & Greet

Come meet your dog (and us)! Once your inquiry form is accepted, we’ll call you to set up a meeting.

Home Visit

We come to you for a short home visit.

Finalize Adoption

After a one-time fee of $150, you’re free to take your dog to its new home!

How We Care For Our Dogs

Every dog that comes to PTA is given an initial exam by a licensed veterinarian. They are examined for fleas, ticks, parasites, worms, heartworm and skin issues before being checked to see if they’ve been spayed or neutered and receiving any vaccinations they need.

Despite all that we do for our dogs, new and unexpected medical bills will always come up. Be prepared to spend between $300-$500 in the first year of owning your new dog.



Our Dogs

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Senior Dogs


Special Needs

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